Read this before getting started with Mailthon. It answers (hopefully) some questions about the goals of the project and whether you should consider using it or not.


Mailthon’s philosophy is that composability and extensibility stem from an elegant and simple codebase. Also, one of Mailthon’s aims is to not include as much magic as practically possible, but remain pragmatic at the same time. For example Mailthon does not have magical HTML/plaintext inference of the content- that is left to the developer to decide. Another value is the sanity of the API- whether something is named intuitively, or whether something should work like it does. The focus is on having as little surprises as possible.

Code over Configuration

While some minimum configuration can be done via “configuration”, most of the time Mailthon strives to encourage code-over-configuration. This is because code is always more powerful than configuration, which is one of the driving ideals behind middleware classes. Also, Mailthon does not rely on any configuration files, nor does it try to parse any files. Any configuration should be made explicit in the code.

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